On behalf of the international scientific committee and local organizing committee it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to this event in Montpellier, Southern France, as part of the PHOSPHORUS week 2014.

Photographs of PSP5 PSP5_Montpellier_2014_001

Oral presentations will be available online by October 2014, for those authors who agree to share...

PSP5 is the fifth international symposium of a successful series on Phosphorus Dynamics in the Soil-Plant Continuum that was launched in Beijing (China) in 2000, then went to Perth (Australia) in 2003, Uberlandia (Brazil) in 2006 before coming back to Beijing (China) in 2010. It is thus the first time it occurs in Europe, but being located in Montpellier in the very South of France, i.e. in the Mediterranean basin, it shall facilitate the participation of African scientists, and scientists from Southern countries at large, where Facing Phosphorus Scarcity is a major issue.

PSP5 will be a multidisciplinary event, gathering plant nutritionists (plant physiology, genetics and systems biology), agronomists, ecologists, biogeochemists and soil scientists from worldwide, fostering scientific exchanges across discipline boundaries, in order to face the challenge of phosphorus limitations in many agroecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems.
PSP5 will be immediately followed by the 4th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit to be held in Montpellier from 1st to 3rd September 2014, where global concerns about Phosphorus sustainability will be discussed. You will thus have the opportunity to attend both events and be part of this unique P week.

Philippe Hinsinger, UMR Eco&Sols, Montpellier SupAgro-CIRAD-INRA-IRD


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